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Colorism Chronicles: Are Blackface Halloween Costumes Okay?

Colorism has continues to rear its ugly head once again in regards to blackface halloween costumes. Roland Martin explains in his interview regarding the hurtful history of blackface costumes with since fired NBC Network TV talk show host, Megyn Kelly,  “We must deal with the reality of colorism...”. The video below is a history lesson for all who feel that it's "no big deal" to darken one's skin for the sake of a costume or any other reason. Some can try to defend Megyn claiming she is innocent due to her ignorance. However, it can also be argued that someone's ignorance does not infer innocent but in fact can be considered dangerous, especially when you are in the public eye and have the ear of over 30 million viewers. Hopefully, those who witnessed this conversation with Megyn Kelly gained some insight into the harmful effects of this outdated phenomenon of blackface halloween costumes.