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The Land of Kemet

The land of Kemet is not a name that many people are aware of they know it by the name given to them 2000 years after it's origin by the Greeks, they know the land as Egypt. Kemet or KMT as it was written by the native Africans means "The Black Place or Place of the Blacks" according to Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop 1. If you Google Egypt or Kemet you will see the definition listed as "The Black Land" because the fertile silt deposited by the flooded Nile was black. The not so subtle difference between the two definitions points to the difference of opinion about the racial make up of the Africans in Kemet. One definition points to a land named after the dirt the other a land named after the people. The Africans of the Nile considered there dark skin a blessing from their Gods because it protected them from the rays of the sun. They were the forerunners of embrace your shade. 

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